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The Beginning

Cospower Engineering Ltd. is a company established in 2004 and is promoted by two entrepreneurs having vast experience is the field of Reactive Power Compensation and Power Quality Improvement. Both the promoters Mr. Oswald D’souza and Mr. Felix Kadam had served in reputed capacitor manufacturing companies and gained tremendous experience is this field. The company has grown in strength since then. Today it has become one of the leading companies in providing solution of power factor improvement and power quality improvement.

What Makes
us Special?

Design Solutions

Our Design Solutions

Another aspect that makes the task of improving of power factor more complex is the pollution in electrical network caused due to presence of harmonics. Generation of harmonics is inevitable these days due to nature of loads that are prevalent in the industries. The challenge is to mitigate these harmonic components that are being produced by the loads by inserting appropriate filters in the electrical system. Designing these filters need indepth study and engineering skills.


Our Achievement

The company is today among the top 10 in the country to provide solutions in ‘Reactive Power Compensation’ and ‘Power Quality Improvement’. Reactive Power Compensation in simple words mean ‘improvement of power factor’ of any electrical system. Today the steep rise in cost of electricity and moreover the scarce of it has impelled power utilities to offer more and more incentives for conserving power by reducing the Maximum Demand (MD) i.e. reducing kVA.


Our Results

We in forefront are providing precise and guaranteed solution with proven track record. Tailor-made software has been designed by the company to simulate system condition that can compute the level of harmonic reduction. The company has supplied numerous such systems especially in the steel sector. Moreover being intensive power users, this industry has high stakes in terms of incentives provided by the power utility for maintaining power factor close to unity.